My primary services is artistic piano playing, but as you will see below, I offer many other services as well to help bring artistic music and entertainment for you to enjoy. I work with several singers and entertainers in the Atlanta area to provide entertainment for weddings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, and a variety of other events listed below. The music can be linked to the occasion or I can play anything at all so long as it has a relaxing atmosphere to the day.

When I play for weddings, I like to dedicate a couple of tunes to the newly married couple. This is something that I should like to formally announce at the time, if possible, when the speeches are being made, toward the end of my playing time.

I can also play requests for tunes that your guests would like to hear. All they have to do is to complete a little card which is placed on the table before your guest’s arrival, and once I receive the request, if I know the tune or song requested, I will play it at some point during my allotted time. When I DJ, I offer the same courtesy of taking requests. My goal is to please the audience with my music.

I always reserve the right not to play a tune that is unsuitable for the occasion, such as D.I.V.O.R.C.E! Whilst I can appreciate the joke, you never really know whether there is a hidden meaning behind the request, so I like to steer clear of that one.

So, you are interested in hearing what I sound like? Well, I have a variety of avenues where you can hear my music. I have a Youtube Channel, samples on Gig Salad, and lastly, a couple of samples on thesonglist page as well. I am also be delighted to make an appointment either at my home or at a venue with a piano in place, and I shall play a few tunes for you to help your decision to use my services. Please send me an email for this request and I shall give you a call as soon as possible in response and discuss the appointment.


I am fully aware of the costs incurred when organizing a wedding, so therefore my policy is to charge according to your budget, but please be aware that I have to cover my costs and take into account my experience and status in this business. I promise you I don’t quote extortionate fees, but it will be good value for money. Please note expenses are charged in addition to my professional fees, but these will be kept to a minimum. Payment is due on the day of the event, by cash or check made payable to Ben Adams.  You may also be required to reserve your date via Pay Pal or check with a refundable deposit.

For those with small budgets please do not hesitate to contact me, as we still may be able to agree a price. I never want price to be the reason that you do not have your dream wedding. Please be sure to book early to avoid disappointment because my diary does get quite full during the high seasons.

I hope the above has whetted your appetite to book me for your wedding date, and I hope that everything on the day goes according to plan. I look forward to being a part of your special day, and wish you both well as you start the journey of married life together. Remember to book early to avoid disappointment.


I am also available to play for many other events including:


  • Awards ceremonies
  • Banquets & Dinners
  • Corporate Events
  • Civil Functions
  • DJ Services
  • Family Celebrations
  • Gala Events
  • Garden Parties
  • Piano & Guitar Lessons
  • Sporting Events
  • Wedding Receptions