About Ben

30509_431360844972_1191575_nBen Adams – Bio

I started playing piano when I was 6 years old.  The first instrument I got to play on was actually an accordion.  I started out playing by ear, but learned to read music while taking trumpet lessons at age 10.  I slowly expanded to playing trumpet, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and some harmonica.  And yes, I still occasionally play accordion!! I have been a member of several bands, and enjoy playing many styles of music including Jazz, Rock, Classical, Contemporary Christian Music, Country, and Konpa.  I relate to a song by Arash which states: “Music is my language!!”

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Interesting Facts

  • Born in Limbe, Haiti
  • Live in Dacula, GA
  • Day Job, Infrastructure Architect & Photographer



  • Primary Instruments
        • Piano
        • Acoustic Guitar
        • DJ Turntables (Does that count as an instrument???)
        • Vocals
  • Secondary Instruments
        • Drums
        • Bass Guitar
        • Electric Guitar
        • Harmonica
        • Trumpet


  • Good Improviser
  • Very good sight-reader (Well, for a guitar player anyway. Compared to your standard jazz player I’m ’bout average.)
  • Versatile – multi-stylist and multi-instrumentalist
  • Easy to work with